Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

The Importance of Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Some may find that Medicare covers all of their health costs. Others need services that aren’t covered by Medicare and will be paying out of pocket, which can become costly. For those whose Original Medicare plan isn’t covering enough, there is Medical Supplemental Insurance.

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Medigap is sold by insurance companies and covers some of the costs that Medicare doesn’t. It’s an excellent option for many that are looking to expand their coverage while still using Medicare.

Medigap Plans

Just like Medicare, Medigap plans are assigned letters. Medigap Plans are A-N and cover varying percentages of different costs. Some plans pay deductibles, while others cover travel or blood transfusions.

Choosing a Medigap Plan

When deciding on which Medigap plan to purchase, there are many different things you should take into account. What your Original Medicare covers, what costs you’ve had to pay in the past, and what costs you’re expecting in the future should all be thought about. The best way to ensure you’re getting the right Medigap plan is to work with an insurance agent. Give us a call at 1-877-874-0711.

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