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Our Management

At The Fussell Group, our Management Team is dedicated to training and supporting our agents in every way possible to help them build a successful career in the insurance industry. Our agency is built around the E3 Model: EDUCATING the agent, which ELEVATES the agent’s performance, therefore EMPOWERING the agent with the ability to achieve their goals.

Meet Our Fantastic Department Heads

Tyler Fussell

Agency Principal tyler@fgiala.com

Brian Fussell

Chief Financial Officer

Heith Huguet

  Director of Operations & Compliance    heith@fgiala.com

Louisiana Medicare Insurance Agent

Miles Pond

Lead Coordinator  milesp@fgiala.com

Caroline Fussell Badon

Director of
Marketing & Compensation

Carey Becker

Shelly Autman

Director of New Agent Experience 

Jade Collins

Director of Branding & Events

Jade Sanzone

Jared Lindsey

Director of IT

Carey Becker

Donna Dugue

Director of DSNP & NOLA Area Coordinator

Carey Becker

Robin Millet

BR Area Coordinator 

Allison Bourque

Lafayette Area Coordinator allisonb@fgiala.com

Carey Becker

Maria Jordan

North LA Area Coordinator 

Angel Dugas

Training Coordinator

Louisiana Medicare Insurance Agent

Christie LeBoeuf

Medicare Contracting Coordinator christiel@fgiala.com

Carey Becker

Cindy Schneida

ACA/Life Contracting Coordinator cindy@fgiala.com