What is Medicare?

What is Medicare

Medicare is a service funded by the U.S. government, ensuring that seniors have access to quality healthcare and needed services. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the program, which served 58 million people in 2017. While beginning Medicare may seem daunting, the experts at The Fussell Group Insurance Advisors are ready to guide you through all your important insurance decisions. 

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What does Medicare cover?

Medicare covers a wide variety of services and allows many to receive care that might not be possible otherwise. Medicare is divided up into different parts, which cover a range of services. Original Medicare includes Parts A and B. Part A includes coverage for hospital inpatient care and short-term nursing care facility admission, as well as hospice. Part B covers medically necessary services, including both diagnostic assistance and subsequently needed support. Part B also extends to preventative services, as Medicare is dedicated to providing care in all stages and all forms. Part A and B are automatic if you’re enrolled in Medicare. 

Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called Part C, are offered by Medicare-approved private companies that are expected to follow the rules set by Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you’ll get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plan, rather than Original Medicare. 

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs and is not required. Some choose to enroll in drug coverage through other companies instead of utilizing Medicare. Sometimes those who choose Part C often do not feel the need for Part D coverage.

What does Medicare not cover?

Certain supply and procedure coverage decisions are made based on location. Speaking with your healthcare provider and the insurance company is an excellent way to determine what is covered in your area and what you may need to pay for personally. Parts A and B do not cover long-term care, eye prescription exams, unnecessary foot care, and acupuncture. 

Individuals eligible for Medicare

Those collecting Social Security are automatically enrolled in Original Medicare, which covers most hospital inpatient care and most outpatient care. While Medicare is typically used for those over the age of 65, some who are younger may qualify. Those with certain disabilities or life-threatening diagnoses can check to see if they meet the qualifications for Medicare insurance.

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At The Fussell Group Insurance Advisors, we know the importance of choosing an insurance plan which will fit your lifestyle perfectly. We’ve crafted a team of dedicated experts to ensure that you’re receiving the coverage you deserve. Medicare decisions don’t have to be stressful; we’re here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. If you’re looking for skilled advice, call us at (877) 874-0711.

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