Medicare Advantage Carriers

Medicare Advantage Plan Carriers

Who carries Advantage Plans?

Independent insurance agencies sell Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare has set out a list of rules they must follow to sell Advantage Plans. These rules ensure quality and provide the beneficiary with a standard level of service.

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Picking a carrier

When picking an Advantage Plan carrier, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Some insurance plans require a specific service area, so check around locally to see what plans are available to you.

Insurance is important. Having the right coverage to fulfill all your needs is important. You should feel comfortable with your insurance agent and be able to trust that they’re guiding you towards the right decision.

The Fussell Group Insurance Advisors

At The Fussell Group Insurance Advisors, we prioritize our clients and always work to provide them with the best insurance plan for their individual needs. We work to understand each beneficiary’s needs and formulate a plan that will provide coverage specifically for them. For all your insurance needs, call 1-877-874-0711.

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