Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans

Advantage plans are an excellent option because they allow for customization and selecting the coverage which the beneficiary anticipates needing. However, it’s important to know what you can include because there are so many different options.

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Advantage Plans and Drug Coverage

One of the things that many people choose to include in their Advantage Plan is drug coverage. Many Advantage Plans do not automatically come with drug coverage, so it’s something you should specifically request.

Drug Coverage

Drug coverage is Part D of Medicare. Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) Plans aren’t sold directly through Medicare. Instead, they’re sold by insurance agencies that work to follow rules set out by Medicare. Because of this, individuals can create the coverage that they need, instead of just choosing Original Medicare. Advantage Plans will still give you the coverage that Original Medicare would, but provide additional options.


Payment for Advantage Plans can vary, and their costs depend mostly on what type of coverage is included. If more coverage is being offered, the bill might be higher. Cost also depends on premiums and deductibles. Most payments will be made directly to the insurance agency, with the exception of Part B premiums. These premiums will be paid to the government.
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