Part D

Part D Coverage

Medicare Part D covers many prescription drug costs. Different plans are available that will cover drugs at varying amounts. This formulary, or the list of drugs that have been predetermined, will be incredibly important to know when deciding what plan you should enroll in.

If you’re enrolled in a Part D plan, make sure that your doctor knows this. It’s important to keep covered medications in mind when they’re writing a prescription, as this can significantly decrease your bill.

Does drug coverage change?

The pharmaceutical industry is continually evolving and creating new medications that work more effectively. Because of this, certain Part D plans may shift in what they cover. Medicare has certain rules plans must follow if they wish to adjust.

Do Advantage Plans offer drug coverage?

Certain Advantage Plans do offer drug coverage. Drug coverage will depend on the type of plan you enroll in. Your prescription drug costs may not be completely covered, but will most likely be significantly reduced.

Considering enrolling in a Part D Plan?

If you want to gain drug coverage, it’s best to speak to a professional about what options are available. Call us at 1-877-874-0711. We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about increasing your coverage and purchasing a Part D Plan.