Part B

Part B Coverage

Part B might be the most helpful branch of Medicare for those struggling with an illness or in need of medical supplies. With all policies, it’s important to find healthcare providers who work with Medicare patients and are willing to accept insurance.

Service Coverage

For those with conditions that require testing, services, or supplies, consider Part B coverage. Supplies such as blood sugar monitors, crutches, commodes, lifts, and oxygen delivery systems are covered. For supplies to be covered by Part B, they must be deemed necessary by a healthcare provider and intended for at-home use.

Preventive Service Coverage

One of the biggest needs that come with aging is the possible increase in preventative service use. Medicare knows this, so these services are covered under Part B. Many screenings and tests are covered so that beneficiaries have access to the resources needed to ensure they’re staying proactive and making choices that will benefit their future health.

Other Coverage

Part B offers coverage for a variety of other things, such as ambulance needs and mental health care. Both of these things are incredibly necessary and promote the overall health of beneficiaries. Some prescription drugs are covered under Part B, but they aren’t the main purpose of this coverage option, and it shouldn’t be relied on solely for drug coverage. If you’re wondering if a service you’re going to receive is covered by Medicare, we’d be honored to answer your question. You can reach us at 1-877-874-0711.