Advantage For Veterans

Advantage for Veterans


Enrollment periods still exist for veterans. It’s best to enroll in a plan during the Initial Enrollment Period, as fees could be incurred if you decide to enroll past that period.

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VA benefits and Medicare

Although some veterans receive VA health insurance, it’s typically only usable at military medical facilities. If the beneficiary seeks treatment in a civilian facility, it will most likely not be covered. To compensate for this, veterans can be enrolled in both VA and Medicare insurance. If the veteran seeks care at a Medicare-approved facility, their insurance will cover it. This provides coverage for two types of facilities. It’s important to remember that these are two different types of insurance that are not affiliated with each other.

Advantage Plans

Because VA benefits could end and will most likely not extend to the full scope of treatment an individual could need, many veterans also enroll in an Advantage Plan. This allows them to incorporate coverage for the things which their VA insurance doesn’t. For instance, if someone’s VA insurance covered dental but not vision, they could enroll in an Advantage Plan, which included vision.

Choosing a plan

Choosing a Medicare plan can be complicated. Sorting through all the options can take time, and more questions may arise. If this is happening to you, reach out to an insurance agent today and begin taking the steps toward finding your perfect insurance plan. Call us at ​1-877-874-0711 today.

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