Medicare 101 – What you need to know?

A handy guide that explains the Medicare Health Insurance arena in easy to understand terms.

The world of Medicare is a complex entity.  As customers enter the Medicare market, it is almost the expectation that you are supposed to know and understand all of the terms and nuances of the system.  Clients are constantly talking to us about how they don’t understand what plan would benefit them the most and typically end up in situations where they buy a  plan just because it is now the last minute and they need to choose something.  Additionally, we have discovered that many clients end up buying plans that are not agreeable to their needs.  For example, their long-time doctor is not in the plan and if they want to continue to see that trusted advisor for their health care, they would then need to pay extra.

In order to help alleviate some of the confusion surrounding Medicare and all of the terms and plans, we’ve created this handy Medicare 101 book to break things down and help you understand what you need to know.  This should be helpful for anyone about to turn 65 or retiring from employer benefits, understand more clearly the basics of Medicare.