Accidental Death Coverage

This type of coverage is similar to life insurance, but only provides coverage if the death is accidental. Policies can vary, and many different options are available, so you should carefully read the terms of your policy and completely understand what coverage it includes.

What is considered accidental?

Every plan will define what is an accident differently. Because this is not a blanket life insurance policy, the scope of its coverage will be smaller and not include as many things. Be sure to note what qualifies as an accident when enrolling in a plan.

Dismemberment Coverage

Some plans also include dismemberment coverage. Arms, eyes, and legs are most commonly included in this and are insured if they’re lost due to an accident. There will be certain qualifications which the situation must meet. Not all accidental death policies will include dismemberment coverage, so that will need to be discussed with your insurance provider when purchasing a plan.

Choosing Coverage

Each plan will have an outlined list of predetermined accidents. The death must meet one or more of those qualifications to be considered as qualifying. If you’re wondering what accidents are included within policies offered, reach out to an insurance agent today at ​1-877-874-0711.