Know Your Options When It Comes to Medicare Health Plan

We are beginning a blog on our website to help our clients and future clients with information that will be helpful in making decisions regarding your Medicare Health Plan options. If you are turning 65 or retiring from group benefits and want to understand the many options regarding Medicare health plans we are here to help. Do you have Medicare & Medicaid and your physicians are not in network, we are here to help?  If you are currently on Medicare and have a Medicare health plan; yet, you are not satisfied with your plan due to copays, premiums or physician network issues, we are here to help.

Fussell & Goodyear Insurance Advisors (FGIA) began 9 years ago with the vision to educate and elevate both our clients and agent’s knowledge of Medicare benefits and health plans. By doing this we empower our clients and agents with the best information and options; so, they can make a wise decision when it comes to their Medicare health plan.  We know that these decisions are difficult, and the world of Medicare is confusing. As an independent agency, FGIA agents work for you, the client, by taking the guess work out if it all. Each one of our 180+ Louisiana licensed agents are Medicare certified.  Our agents will sit down with you, review your physicians, medications and the many Medicare health plans available in your area.  Together, we WILL find the plan which WORKS BEST FOR YOU.

Fussell and Goodyear Insurance Advisors NEVER charge a consultation fee, so you have got nothing to lose. Our agency is different, we built it this way for a reason. We provide our analysis as a complimentary service to you and help you enroll in the best Medicare health plan for your needs. We work for you by taking the guess work out of it all.  Let Fussell & Goodyear, YOUR Medicare health plan advisors  do all the heavy lifting… It is just so simple, make the call today!

We’ll be producing content and information through the blog and posting it on our website and social media accounts, so keep up with us, follow us, and let us know if there is something that you want to know.